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Quebec Wants COVID-19 Restrictions To Be Over More Than The Rest Of Canada, Study Says

Manitoba, on the other hand, feels as if restrictions are being removed too quickly, the study indicates.

Quebec flag. Right: People walking on Montreal street wearing masks.

Quebec flag. Right: People walking on Montreal street wearing masks.

Now that many countries are facing a sixth COVID-19 wave, it seems as if pandemic restrictions won't be eased as quickly as we initially thought.

Well, that's not the news that many Canadians want to hear, particularly Quebecers. According to a recent Angus Reid Institute study, Quebec is the Canadian province that is most eager for COVID-19 restrictions to be done with.

While Quebec has axed its intention to tax the unvaccinated, all while getting rid of the vaccine passport, it seems as if respondents don't feel as if restrictions are being lessened quick enough.

When asked "what best describes your own feelings about the removal of restrictions in your province?" 30% of Quebec respondents said that restrictions throughout the province are being removed "too slowly," while only 28% stated that they are being removed "too quickly."

42% stated that restrictions are being removed "at the right time."

Despite announcing that masks would no longer be required in public spaces as of mid-April, Quebec has extended the mandate until the end of the month.

Alberta comes in right after Quebec with 29% of respondents stating that restrictions are being removed "too quickly" — indicating Albertans are just as eager as Quebecers for the rules to be dropped.

Manitoba on the other hand is not nearly as ready as other provinces. 44% of Manitobans said that restrictions are being lifted "too quickly," with all public health restrictions being lifted back in mid-March.

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