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health care

Despite the conclusions of the Quebec coroner's inquest into the death of Joyce Echaquan, Premier François Legault still denies the existence of systemic racism in the province.

The report recommended that Quebec acknowledge systemic racism. It also said racism and prejudice played a role in Echaquan's death.

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The Ordre des infirmières et infirmiers du Québec (OIIQ), the province's professional order of nurses, and the largest professional order in Quebec with over 80,000 members, formally recognized the presence of systemic racism in Quebec's health care system on July 14.

Following the death of Joyce Echaquan in a Lanaudière hospital last September, the OIIQ noted that systemic racism in Quebec's medical system is especially prevalent against Indigenous patients.

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I've been living with my GF for about a year now.

She has a dog named Biff, and when we moved in together I couldn't have been happier because it was the first time I ever owned a dog.

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There are a few professions where you pretty much assume the highest level of sanitation regulations will be followed. Chefs, servers, butchers, even a fast food attendant, you expect them all to be washing their hands on the regular, or at least you hope they do.

When it comes to doctors, nurses, and health care professionals, you don't even question their sanitation practices. In a hospital, you inherently understand that everyone is constantly washing their hands and ensuring germs aren't spread.

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Changes may be coming to the set up of Quebec's health care administration, in the form of Bill 10, which would streamline services and save the province a bunch of money. Sounds good on paper, but as Eric Maldoff, lawyer and strategic adviser for Quebec Community Group Network (QCGN), explained to CTV, the result can mean little to no service for Anglophone health care patients, as hospitals would lose their bilingual status.

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Out of towners and residents of Montreal/Quebec both know how the province's health care system can be a little, well, let's just say crowded. And at certain times, very crowded, to the point that you question why you went to the hospital/clinic in the first place.

One of reddit's r/Quebec moderators sought to help those in medical need with a tips and tricks guide to Quebec's health care. We went through the original post  to find the best solutions to problems you've no doubt experienced when trying to see the doctor.  Read on and learn from the best.

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