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helene boudreau trip

In 2021, Hélène Boudreau went viral after she posted her famous UQAM graduation photo. This moment eventually changed her life and led her to become known as the "university girl," as described on her Instagram page.

Since then, Boudreau has been very open about her personal and professional life, particularly regarding her ongoing health issues.

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While Hélène Boudreau set out on a year-long trip around the world for a year at the end of September 2021, the Quebecer indicated in an Instagram story this January 2 that she was cancelling her trip to return to Montreal this January 13, 2022.

"I'm taking a break, I'm going back this summer and a trip in March [is planned], I just couldn't have fun anymore, because I'm tired so I'm just going to come home and work on my stuff like my triplexes, my clothing company and my website, managing all of that while constantly travelling and constantly moving countries is very demanding and exhausting," Boudreau explained to Narcity.

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