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Hélène Boudreau Says She'll Make 7 Figures From Her OnlyFans This Year

The UQAM student made waves with her now-famous graduation photo.
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Hélène Boudreau Says She'll Make 7 Figures From Her OnlyFans This Year

On the latest episode of Tout le monde en parle, Hélène Boudreau, the famous UQAM student who posted a graduation photo with her breasts partially exposed, claimed that she will make a seven-figure salary from OnlyFans subscriptions this year. 

Boudreau broke down the finances of her OnlyFans account, which she claimed generates around $100,000 per month. 

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What does Boudreau have to say about her OnlyFans?

"I pay 20% to OnlyFans because they do the management, but this year I'm definitely going to make seven figures," said Boudreau on Tout le monde en parle. 

Her notorious graduation photo and subsequent media coverage have allowed her to triple her social media audience, she added.

"I made an OnlyFans [...] because I feel good about my body and I like it. [...] I'm going to continue to do my art and then I'm going to incorporate my art into my website because, in pornographic content, there's art," she said on the show.

What happened between Boudreau and UQAM?

Boudreau explained on Tout le monde en parle that, in addition to the graduation photo, she had posted another image of herself with her backside partially exposed in front of the school's logo. She also raised her middle finger in the photo.

The university later filed a lawsuit against the student seeking $125,000 for damages, according to a report from La Presse.

On April 7, UQAM announced that it had reached an out-of-court settlement with Boudreau, following an outcry.

"UQAM had no choice but to go to court because, despite three formal requests to the student, she continued to associate the university's name and logo with her intimate photos, and to market some of them to promote paid access to her website," the university stated in its announcement.

UQAM added the photos were "damaging the institution's image and reputation as well as its official brand."

The university "[waived] all claims for damages and punitive damages against the student" and Boudreau, in return, agreed not to repost the photos or "any other photo of the same nature that would use the name, logo or any direct or indirect reference to the Université du Québec à Montréal."

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