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The Royal Thai Government, along with the Ministry of Commerce and Toronto's Thai Trade Centre, announced a new certification system for restaurants with "authentic Thai cuisine" in Canada.

Eight Montreal Thai restaurants made the cut with two achieving the highest level of recognition.

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In an April 5 AccuWeather blog post, Dr. Gordon Telepun advised anyone hoping to get a good view of the 2024 total solar eclipse to avoid hosting parties.

"If you are lucky and the weather is predicted to be good at your house on eclipse day, that’s convenient for you, but if you have to travel away from your house for eclipse day, so be it," he wrote. "DO NOT plan a party at your house for eclipse day. You cannot be obligated to be a host or hostess at your house!"

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As of October 28, COVID-19 cases in Quebec have surpassed 100,000, for a total of 102,814 cases in the province since the start of the pandemic.

New regions in Quebec are continually being designated red zones, so we looked at the data to compare.

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The red zone has been called the "maximum" level of alert in Quebec's COVID-19 alert system.

Though specific red zone measures are subject to change and adaptation, the government has nevertheless outlined what they might entail.

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Every gamer knows that the music is a huge part of any game. It sets the tone for the level, it creates the necessary atmosphere and it even helps you focus on the task at hand. Many classic video games have had epic scores and everyone remembers those moments when you reached the end of the level. Suddenly the music got darker and faster and you knew something good was about to happen ... you finally reached the boss level.

The boss level always had the best and most memorable music of the entire game, that's why the Orchestre De Jeu Video felt it deserve its very own concert.

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