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A Montreal Restaurant Was Ranked The 6th Best Fine Dining Spot In Canada

Three other Quebec restaurants made the top 10, too.

Montreal restaurant Bouillon Bilk.

Montreal restaurant Bouillon Bilk.

Montreal restaurant Bouillon Bilk placed sixth on Tripadvisor's list of the best restaurants for fine dining in Canada. Three other Quebec restaurants, Quebec City's Taniere (fifth) and Laurie Raphael (seventh), and Resto Tandem in La Malbaie (eighth) also made the national top 10 in the site's so-called Travelers' Choice Awards.

The number one spot went to Pluvio on Vancouver Island in British Columbia. AG Inspired Cuisine (Niagara Falls, Ontario), Tiara Restaurant (Niagara-on-the-Lake, Ontario) and Five Sails (Vancouver, British Columbia) followed. Memories Dining & Bar of Regina and Rimrock Cafe (with its unforgivable lack of an accent aigu) of Whistler round out the list at numbers nine and 10, respectively.

Canada was completely shut out of Tripadvisor's global top 25, where the only "North America" entry was Lahaina Grill in the decidedly not North American state of Hawai'i.

The company says it compiled its Travelers' Choice rankings by calculating the "quality and quantity of reviews and ratings" of restaurants on its website over a 12-month period. An "additional editorial process" then refined the list.

Restaurants in 51 countries figured somewhere in the Travelers' Choice Awards, which also include rankings of the best eateries for "everyday eats," "quick bites" and date nights, as well as the most "picture-perfect" restaurants and the best "hidden gems." Only the fine dining category had a regional breakdown that included Canada.

In a press release, Tripadvisor Vice President of Hospitality Solutions Lauren Murphy lauded the awards as an offering of "authentic recommendations for the best places to eat no matter the occasion."

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