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Montreal Restaurant Pamika Opened A Stunning New Location & It’s A Thai Food Lover’s Dream

Delish menu, stunning bar and an elegant interior. What more could you ask for?

Interior of Pamika Brasserie Thai​ new location in Montreal, Right: Food from Pamika Basserie Thai​ in Montreal.

Interior of Pamika Brasserie Thai new location in Montreal, Right: Food from Pamika Basserie Thai in Montreal.

Courtesy of Pamika Brasserie Thai

Nothing compares to the Montreal restaurant scene, and when it comes to our selection of delish Thai spots to try out, Pamika Brasserie Thai is a definitely must-try.

The Montreal favourite spot is reopening at a brand new location with a whole new look to celebrate its tenth anniversary. Woo-hoo!

Located on Saint Laurent, Pamika is adding a bit of South Asian flavour to one of the city's tastiest streets.

Courtesy of Pamika Brasserie Thai

Since its original location opened on Sherbrooke back in 2012, Pamika, named after Chef Pamika Sukla, has become easily one of the most popular spots for a taste of the far east.

Inspired by traditional dishes from her home in the Issan region of Thailand, Chef Pamika has established herself as one of the top culinary professionals in Montreal.

Courtesy of Pamika Brasserie Thai

The new location will feature elegantly sleek and luxurious decor with an impressive X-shaped bar serving cocktails from bar chef Eddy Germain.

Fitting 56 people inside the dining room and 60 people on not one, but two terrasses, the new location will offer glitz and glam in a cozy and intimate environment. Sounds delightful, right?

Courtesy of Pamika Brasserie Thai

Like the rest of Montreal, the team is so excited about the new location.

"Like any other restaurant, we have had our ups and downs. All these years on Sherbrooke Street have shaped our management capacity while improving the quality of service," Chef Pamika said in a press release.

Courtesy of Pamika Brasserie Thai

"A big challenge in the initial location was probably the small kitchen and the limited space we had in the dining room. After several years, we are confident and ready to take the next step. A larger restaurant will allow us to serve and introduce more people to Thai cuisine."

So, if you're looking for a new spot to fulfill all your Thai food needs, Pamika's newest location should def be on your list.

Bon appétit!

Pamika Brasserie Thai New Location

Address: 4902, boul. Saint Laurent, Montreal, QC

Why You Need To Go: One of the city's favourite places for Thai is back with a bigger and better new location that will give you a taste of Thailand from the second you walk through the door.


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