Thailand's Government Endorsed 8 Montreal Thai Restaurants It Considers 'Authentic' (MAP)

Two local spots received the highest certification level.
Thailand's Government Endorsed 8 Montreal Thai Restaurants It Considers 'Authentic' (MAP)

The Royal Thai Government, along with the Ministry of Commerce and Toronto's Thai Trade Centre, announced a new certification system for restaurants with "authentic Thai cuisine" in Canada.

Eight Montreal Thai restaurants made the cut with two achieving the highest level of recognition.

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The Thai SELECT program provides restaurants in Canada with a "seal of approval" on their cuisine in three levels: signature, classic and casual.

  • Thai SELECT Signature is the highest level of certification, given to restaurants that exceed all criteria. Restaurants with this certification "personify authentic Thai characteristics, serve Thai food made with quality ingredients, offer an elevated setting, and provide outstanding service."

  • Thai SELECT Classic, the second level of certification, is given to Thai restaurants with "excellent quality all around" that "embody authentic Thai Cuisine with considerably good service along with great value."

  • Thai SELECT Casual is the lowest level of certification. While these restaurants still offer authentic Thai food, they're more "on-the-go" and have limited customer service.

So far, in Montreal, Pick Thai and Siam Centre-Ville have received the 'Signature' certification level.

Four restaurants in Montreal — Chuchai, Maison Prathet Thai, Pamika and Thammada — received the 'Classic' certification level. 

In the "on-the-go" category, both Epicerie Pumpui and Mae Sri Comptoir Thai (Milton) in Montreal received the 'Casual' certification level.

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