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On June 15, the federal Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages, Mélanie Joly, introduced Bill C-32 — an act that would overhaul Canada's existing Official Languages Act to equalize French and English in Canada.

If passed, the new bill would defend the rights of francophone minorities in other Canadian provinces, as well as those of the "English-speaking minority" in Quebec.

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The Trudeau government intends to make changes to the Official Languages Act to state that French the only official language in Quebec, according to a report by La Presse.

The media outlet says that Minister of Economic Development and Official Languages Mélanie Joly will present a motion in Parliament.

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It's official: the Montreal Canadiens are in the playoffs and that means it's time to throw on your retro jersey, grab your roomies and celebrate like you're at a Habs game IRL.

May 20 marks the Game 1 opening-round matchup in Toronto against the Maple Leafs, which is sure to be one for the books. For this game and every game during the 2021 playoffs season, the Montreal Canadiens will be hosting a whole series of events and initiatives so you can cheer on the Habs in style. 

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Last week, Quebec introduced Bill 96 — a sweeping new French-language bill that impacts everything from immigrants and local businesses to schools and signage.

The tabled legislation would amend the existing Charter of the French Language (aka Bill 101) and includes over 20 new changes to legislation that promote the use of French in Quebec. Here are nine that you should know.

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As of midnight on Monday, April 19, the Quebec/Ontario border will be closed to interprovincial travel for the foreseeable future. Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the border closure last week "in order to limit the transmission of the variants of concern."

Here's what you need to know if you're planning on crossing into Ontario any time soon. 

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The royal family announced the death of the Queen's husband, Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh, on Friday morning.

According to a log of royal tours on the website of the Government of Canada, the Duke visited Quebec at least 14 times on both official and private business over the course of his wife's reign.

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Long, lazy days in national parks, drive-in theatres, scenic road trips from the city, rolling up to the Orange Julep — with freezing daytime temperatures firmly in our rearview mirror, some of Montreal's best warm-weather activities are closer than ever. That is, if you have a car.

But what if you had the chance to win a new set of wheels?

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The federal government has unveiled a new strategy to "strengthen" and "modernize" Canada's Official Languages Act over the next 50 years with the aim of further protecting the use of French across the country. 

This subject is frequently debated — something Quebecers know all too well, as provincial officials propose changes to Quebec's Charter of the French Language and Premier François Legault's government considers "limiting the number of places" in English CEGEPs. 

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When asked how do I take my coffee, I answer: seriously, very seriously.

And so do most people in this city. That's why we decided to create the first ever official Montreal coffee map. That way you'll always know exactly where to get the best coffee no matter where you are. 

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I don't normally plan on taking taxis, I usually only take them impulsively. It's late, I'm walking home, a cab drives by and I think to myself: "I'm lazy, why not?" So I'll hail a cab and ask if they take debit cards. Of course the answer is no. So I keep walking until I spot another cab who also doesn't take cards. And at that point I get tired of trying and I just walk the rest of the way home.

Well all that is about to change because as of today, all taxis in Montreal are obligated to accept debit cards. The law states that starting Oct. 15th, "drivers must accept electronic payment and cannot refuse a client who asks to use that mode of payment."

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Everyone in the world went nuts today when the very first Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer dropped, Montreal included. You don't need to be a nerd to love Star Wars, everyone loves the intergalactic adventures of the Skywalker clan and all their pals, yourself included. These Montrealers were pretty jazzed to get a peak at the new Star Wars, so we decided to film their reactions during their first-time viewing the trailer.

We all had so many feels when we saw the teaser trailer for Episode VII (and if you haven't seen it, then we seriously question your life choices) so now its time to see if the rest of Montreal felt the same way. Check out how Montrealers react to the Star Wars: The Force Awakens trailer in the video below.