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There is nothing more exciting than watching a film and suddenly realizing the backdrop is the city you live in. If you feel me on this one, you will be excited to know that a new film coming out in 2022, Transformers: Rise Of The Beasts, is being filmed in Montreal and it seems as though shooting could be currently underway.

While we cannot confirm that the following photos are definitely part of the new Transformers set, all signs lead to it being very possible that it is.

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Photos posted to Facebook by one Annie Vallée show what she describes as an enormous lineup to visit a Montreal apartment.

Vallée told MTL Blog she was walking home down rue Galt when she spotted the crowd, which she estimates reached up to 40 people.

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It's no secret that we live in an aesthetically pleasing city, so much so that there are tons of Montreal photographers out there capturing all of its beauty.

Well now, you could not only take an amazing shot but also possibly win a citywide contest.

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Tucked between a bar and a Dollarama, Montrealers will be able to find a little escape to the North Pole this year. Verdun's "Enchanted Alley" is all decked out and ready to welcome visitors eager to take some cheerful holiday photos amid the doom and gloom of this year's holiday season.

The alley consists of a row of evergreens leading up to a façade decorated to look like a snowy countryside cabin.

It's specially designed to host winter photoshoots.

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With the announcement that Joe Biden is the projected winner of the U.S. presidential election, Montreal pride has been rolling in on social media as locals show love for projected vice-president Kamala Harris who spent formative years living in our city.

This is especially true when it comes to Harris' alma mater: Westmount High School, which took to Twitter to congratulate Harris on her success.

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If you're like me, then your camera reel is currently filled with hundreds of photos of the stunning fall leaves all around us. Can you really blame us, though? There are tons of cool places in Montreal that simply become even more magical during this season.

We also love to take lots of fall photos of doing some of our favourite activities and going to our favourite places.

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Thursday may have been a cold, rainy, crappy day. But in the afternoon the sky definitely made up for it. 

There were two pretty spectacular rainbows in the sky over Montreal last evening, and my news feed was flooded with photos.

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This weekend was the famous ÎleSoniq music festival in Montreal, and unlike Osheaga, this time the weather actually decided to cooperate... most of the time. 

Lucky for you, since the festivalgoers didn't need to be concerned with umbrellas or ponchos, they were able to focus on making sure that their outfits were on point. 

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Who else is still f*cken HYPED from Ed Sheeran's concert last night? I KNOW I AM. It was legit to lit to even handle! Ed Sheeran KILLED it and fell in love with Montreal! Unfortunately, if you didn't get a chance to see him, then I must say you did miss out quiet a bit. 

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The "Beyhive" is losing their collective mind this morning, because the Queen Bee has posted the very first photo of her twin babies!

Beyoncé posted the image early this morning on her Instagram with the caption: 

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Do you ever just scroll through your featured news feed and see the same people exploring the world all the time with AMAZING pictures? When you click on their profile, you expect them to be famous and from California, but the truth is that they are from Montreal and have given up everything to become famous Instagram travel bloggers. 

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