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rogers credit

If you aren't a direct Rogers customer, but your provider is owned and operated by Rogers, you could be eligible for up to five days worth of credit on an upcoming bill.

Many providers owned by Rogers, including Fido, Chatr, Zoomer and Tbaytel, to name a few, are working fast to remedy the loss of services that affected countless Canadians due to the July 8 Rogers outage.

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Canadians affected by the Rogers outage are getting a bigger payout. The company announced Tuesday evening that it will increase the credit to customers hit by the system failure that, in some cases, wiped out service for days.

In a tweet, the company said it will automatically apply a credit to customers' accounts equal to five days of service. Rogers CEO Tony Staffieri previously suggested that the credit would only cover one day.

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The Rogers network outage had a nationwide impact as countless Canadians were left without phone or internet services, along with disruptions involving payment transactions and emergency services, to name a few.

The telecommunications and media company first acknowledged the outage early morning on July 8 — updating the public regarding their network being down throughout the day.

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Rogers has caused quite the stir today with the telecommunications and media company's nationwide network outage. Now, Rogers has made it clear they will, in fact, be issuing credits to all customers.

The company first flagged the service outage early in the morning on July 8, acknowledging issues regarding its network and assuring the public that they were doing everything they can to fix the issue.

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