Rogers & Fido Are Giving Customers A Credit After The Major Outage

"We know you depend on us and yesterday we let you down."

Following the major Rogers outage on April 19, the company and Fido, another subsidiary, say they will automatically apply a credit to affected customers' bills for May.

The credit will be "equivalent to yesterday's [April 19] wireless service fee," according to a statement.

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What caused the Rogers outage?

A Rogers spokesperson told MTL Blog that the outage was "intermittent" and nationwide.

In its statement, the company explained that its "root cause" had to do with a "software update that affected a piece of equipment in the central part of [the Rogers] wireless network."

The software came from a company called Ericsson.

Rogers plans to conduct "an in-depth review" with Ericsson "to help prevent similar issues from happening again."

"We know you depend on us and yesterday we let you down – for this we are truly sorry," Rogers said.

How will the Rogers/Fido credit work?

"Prepaid customers (on a monthly or annual plan) will receive a credit based on a day's worth of their service fee," Rogers explained.

It will appear on customers' bills after May 1 and will be "based on the wireless service plan you had on April 19th."

"If you have any discounts on your wireless account, the credit will be based on the before-discount cost of your service plan."