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ukraine refugees

A flight carrying Ukrainians fleeing the war with Russia is scheduled to arrive in Montreal from Poland on Sunday, May 29. It will be the second flight chartered by the federal government to bring people who are eligible for the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel (CUAET) to the country.

The first plane arrived in Winnipeg on May 23 with 328 Ukrainian passengers. Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, who is of Ukrainian descent, welcomed them.

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Céline Dion is speaking out in solidarity with Ukraine. Following Russia's invasion of Ukraine in February, Canada and many countries have implemented sanctions against Russia, and now Canada's very own Céline Dion is joining the cause.

In an Instagram video posted to Céline's page on April 8, Dion voiced her sorrow and concern for the millions of people who have fled Ukraine.

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From the troubling to the uplifting, we've all been flooded with stories and images coming out of Russia and Ukraine in the past three weeks. Many people, safely in Montreal, feel that all they can do is doomscroll or watch the news.

For three Montreal-based rabbis, this simply wasn't enough. They went to Poland to help refugees fleeing Ukraine, and have now come home to share what they saw.

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As we reach the three week mark in the war in Ukraine, Ukrainian refugees have been at the top of everyone's mind. For the Quebec English School Boards Association (QESBA), the question is whether refugee students will be allowed to attend English-language schools when they arrive in Quebec.

"René Levesque and Camil Laurin ensured that there was a humanitarian clause for education in the English system in the Charter of the French language and this is a prime example of the use for such a provision," QESBA President Dan Lamoureux said in a recent statement.

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