The Russian Embassy In Canada Put Out A Statement On Ukraine & Twitter Is Just Incredulous

The statement compares the Western response to the invasion to Nazi propaganda.

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Protesters against the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Ottawa, Ontario on February 27.

Protesters against the Russian invasion of Ukraine in Ottawa, Ontario on February 27.

Russia continues to ramp up the rhetoric surrounding its invasion of Ukraine, this time through a statement published by the Russian Embassy in Canada.

The statement posted to Twitter on March 1 takes aim at the Western response, likening it to Nazism and accusing the West of "monstrous and inhuman provocations."

"We are witnessing an unprecedented wave of lives, fake news, distorted and fabricated facts aimed at discrediting our actions," the statement reads.

"Goebbels-style Western propaganda was predictable. It cannot be trusted. The public in Canada should understand that."

The embassy also denied that Russian forces were targeting civilian areas in Ukraine.

"Russia is not starting wars. Russia is ending them," the statement concludes.

The U.S. has repeatedly warned that Russia would use lies to justify its invasion of Ukraine and counter the Western response.

On Twitter, politicians and pundits leapt to condemn and make fun of the declaration.

"Utter incompetence from our friends at the Russian Embassy," Montreal MP Anthony Housefather wrote. "They do not understand that lies and propaganda don’t work in a country that actually has a free press."

Ottawa City Councillor Scott Moffatt called the statement "the biggest load of shit" he has "ever read on this platform."

Angus Reid Institute President Shachi Kurl described it as "a falsehood stuffed in a whopper wrapped in a falsehood and soaked in deceit."

"Shameful!" Jean-Marc Leger of the Leger polling firm said. "Russia invaded Ukraine, bombed and killed civilians and wants to overthrow a democratically elected government."

Thomas MacDonald
Senior Editor
Thomas MacDonald is a Senior Editor for MTL Blog focused on Montreal public transit and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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