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We Answered All Your Questions About Quebec's Reopening Plan

"Are gyms reopening?"
We Answered All Your Questions About Quebec's Reopening Plan

On May 18, Premier François Legault announced Quebec's province-wide deconfinement plan, including removing the curfew and reopening restaurant and bar terrasses.

We sorted through your DMs and answered all your questions about the easing of COVID-19 restrictions in Quebec

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Will we be allowed to travel to different regions of Quebec?

Yes! Starting May 28, Quebec is lifting travel bans between regions so you'll be able to travel freely around the province.

Do we still have to quarantine when we travel?

It depends where you go.

Currently, anyone entering Quebec from Ontario is required to quarantine for 14 days on arrival unless they meet the criteria for "allowable exceptions."

If you are flying back to Canada from abroad, you are still required to book a three-day stay in a government-authorized hotel, even if you are vaccinated or have another place to quarantine. But, again, there are exceptions.

Are terrasses taking reservations?

Yes, many of them are — although plans will vary depending on the establishment.

Just keep in mind that restaurant terrasses can reopen on May 28 and bar terrasses can reopen on June 11.

We created a list of terrasses that told us they are reopening on May 28 so you can check that out as well as this preview of Old Port terrasses reopening the same day.

How many people can sit at a table on a terrasse?

In red and orange zones, twoadults from different addresses can sit at a table together with their minor-age children.

There are no limits for people who live at the same address.

Are cinemas reopening?

Cinemas and other theatres and cultural centres have been open since February 26 in Quebec red zones like Montreal.

As of May 21, outdoor performing arts presentations with pre-assigned seating, including drive-in cinemas, were permitted to reopen with caps on the number of audience members and cars.

As of May 28, big auditoriums, amphitheatres, indoor stadiums and outdoor stadiums with pre-assigned seats will be authorized to operate with an audience of 2,500 people.

As of June 25, outdoor performances and festivals without assigned seating will be allowed for a maximum of 2,500 people on site.

When can we dine in restaurants?

The government hopes that by May 31, the majority of Quebec regions will be designated orange zones.

This would mean that two adults from different households (with minor-age children) or members of the same household could dine together in restaurants.

Are gyms reopening?

It's unclear whether Montreal will be part of the majority of Quebec regions designated orange zones by the end of May.

However, if Montreal is included in those regions, gyms in the city will be permitted to reopen with mandatory masks in training rooms, occupancy limits and social distancing.

When are schools reopening?

Elementary schools and high schools are open across Quebec.

In red zones, there is currently alternating attendance for students in secondary three, four and five. The government's goal is that all high school students can return to in-person education by May 31.

For CEGEPs and universities in orange zones, the government is planning to permit some face-to-face groups of six students by May 31.

By the end of August (or earlier in yellow and green zones), if Quebec reaches its goal of vaccinating 75% of the population over 12 with two doses, CEGEPs and universities will reopen in person.

What about wedding venues?

The government hasn't yet clarified if it will create new rules around weddings. However, in orange zones, weddings and funerals have an occupancy limit of 25 people.

In yellow and green zones, weddings and funerals are limited to 50 people — so it's safe to say there won't be any large weddings taking place in Montreal this summer.

Will we have to wear masks after receiving a vaccine dose?

It depends.

Starting June 25, the government will ease mask-wearing and social distancing requirements for private gatherings with people who are fully vaccinated, meaning two doses of a COVID-19 vaccine. However, masks are going to continue to be required in public spaces.

Earlier this week, Premier Legault said that if 75% of the population over 12 years old is vaccinated with two doses by end of August, it will no longer be mandatory to wear masks.

When will the Canada/United States border open?

It's unclear when the borders Canada shares with its neighbouring country will reopen, after months of being closed.

On May 20, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced that Canada would extend border closures with the U.S. for non-essential travellers until at least June 21.

Can I hang out at someone's house?

As of May 28, outdoor gatherings will be allowed on private property. So you can hang out in someone's yard.

In red zones, a maximum of eightpeople from separate addresses, or the occupants of tworesidences, will be able to gather outside. In orange zones, as of May 31, the max will be twelve people.

In red zones and orange zones, you're still expected to wear a mask and keep your distance.

Private indoor gatherings are not permitted for red zones or orange zones at this time.

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