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Quebec Is Changing The Rules For Outdoor Masks Again

The new rule relaxation applies to couples.
Quebec Is Changing The Rules For Outdoor Masks Again

In a lengthy Facebook post published on April 14, Premier François Legault announced a change to Quebec's COVID-19 public health rules on mask-wearing during outdoor activities.

Legault wrote that in the face of questions, the requirement to wear a mask outside will only apply to "situations where it may be difficult to respect the two-metre distance" with members of different households.

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Legault also said that couples who maintain an "intimate relationship" who do not live at the same address are also no longer expected to wear a mask when gathering outdoors.

"In a situation where one is certain to always stay more than two meters away, such as tennis or golf, or sitting in a park, it is not necessary to wear the mask," Legault wrote. "The same thing happens when two people walk together, but at a safe distance."

In a situation where two-metre social distancing is possible outdoors, gatherers are not required to wear masks, he wrote.

The outdoor mask-wearing rule for group activities was first announced on April 7 then clarified the following week before this latest change.

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