Quebec Has Updated Its Count Of COVID-19 Cases In Schools

Over 1,000 classes have been closed.
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The Government Has Updated Its Count Of COVID-19 Cases In Quebec Schools

There has been a cumulative total of 3,650 COVID-19 cases in Quebec schools as of October 9, according to numbers published on the government's website.

799 schools had a total of 1,988 active cases among students and staff as of the same date.

1,042 classes have been closed.

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3,650 Confirmed COVID-19 Cases In Quebec Schools

A total of 1,063 schools have reported at least one confirmed COVID-19 case since the start of the school year.

There have also been 1,662 recoveries and returns to school.

The list of schools that have reported cases is available online.

Officials have said they're determined to keep schools open even as much of the province goes into partial lockdown with restaurants and bars closing, a ban on gatherings, and a call for all residents to stay home.

Premier Legault previously said that there's "no scenario" in which schools close.

Many Montreal universities, meanwhile, have said that they plan on continuing mostly online learning in the winter 2021 semester. That includes McGill and Concordia.

On Tuesday, National Public Health Director Dr. Horacio Arruda made clear that it might be a while longer until Quebecers "return to the same freedom as in the summer — [at least] not necessarily in the period we had large gatherings."

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