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The Lotto Max Jackpot Is Coming Up & You Could Win Up To $60 Million

What would you do with $60 million? 🤑

Associate Editor, MTL Blog
Lotto Max gambling tickets.

Lotto Max gambling tickets.

Ever wonder what being a multimillionaire would be like? I mean, who doesn’t? Well, in the latest Lotto Max draw scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, the prize pool will amount to $70 million with a jackpot of $60 million.

Who couldn’t use $60 million, right? In a recent press release, Lotto Max stated that there’s also an estimated 10 Maxmillions to be won. Makes us dream, doesn't it?

Since its start back in 2009, Lotto Max winners in Quebec have accumulated a total amount of $3.046 billion in winnings. Mhm, billions!

With the next draw amounting to $60 million, it’s possible the winner just might be a lucky Quebecer. In past draws amounting to $70 million, two winners snagged the highest jackpots to date on February 25 and October 9, 2020.

Additionally, there have been 38 jackpot wins in the province of Quebec. Who knows? That number just might increase to 39 after Tuesday’s draw.

While this would be a wild win — I mean it is $60 million — the last time a record-breaking Lotto Max win took place in Quebec was back on June 11, 2019, when a family split $65 million.

If you haven’t grabbed a Lotto Max ticket yet, you can head on over to your local dépanneur or the lotto counter and you just might be $60 million richer on Tuesday.

And, if you’re feeling generous, feel free to send some over here. Sharing is caring after all!

Fingers crossed and may the odds be ever in your favour!

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    Mike Chaar
    Associate Editor, MTL Blog
    Mike Chaar is an Assistant Editor for MTL Blog focused on recalls in Canada and is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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