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montreal lottery

Talk about a lottery win that keeps on giving! In a stroke of sheer luck, an Outaouais resident has defied the odds and secured a financial future that many of us can only dream of. François Lajoie won $25,000 a year for life following the Grande Vie April 27 draw and decided to opt for the lump sum of $500,000.

Loto-Québec shared in a press release that Lajoie had purchased his Grande Vie ticket from a grocery store on a whim. His winning numbers? His loved ones' birthdays. The morning of the draw, Lajoie had checked online to verify which Canadian regions the winners were from. Loto-Québec said that Lajoie found out a Quebec player had won 5/5 numbers, still not knowing it was him.

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A group of 10 co-workers at the Fondrémy foundry in Chambly won $2 million with a Quebec 49 Formula ticket purchased for the February 25, 2023 draw.

Matthieu Côté, one of the winning members, said he had forgotten to purchase the tickets locally — so he decided to grab one on the road while he was out of town, Loto-Québec said.

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Win the lottery, quit your job and live your best life — surely a common dream for many of us. When Laurier Lapointe's numbers came up, he wasted no time making every part of that dream a reality.

Lapointe, who hails from the Chaudière-Appalaches region of Quebec, won $1,000 a day for life following the Grande Vie draw on January 9, 2023, a lottery game he has been playing since it first launched, Loto-Québec said.

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A Quebec couple got the surprise of a lifetime when they mistook their lottery ticket win for a figure much less than what they actually walked away with.

Gaétan Bergeron and France Marcoux from the Centre-du-Québec region purchased a Célébration 2023 ticket — one that they mistakenly thought won them $1,000. Following the January 8 Célébration draw, Bergeron checked his and his wife's lottery tickets through the Loto-Québec Lotteries app.

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Gisèle Baril from Laval had one heck of a holiday season after she took home the Québec Max million-dollar prize on December 9, 2023. Baril purchased a Double Jeu Max ticket with Extra, but little did she know she was about to get the surprise of a lifetime.

After ordering take-out at a resto counter, the Laval resident took it upon herself to quickly verify her ticket at a nearby retailer while she waited. When Baril discovered she had won $1,000,000, she "instantly shed tears of joy," Loto-Québec said. In fact, Gisèle was so emotional that a teary-eyed customer also waiting in line offered her a hug.

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Mélanie Daunais and Yves Dion are a newlywed couple from the Capitale-Nationale who just so happen to be $5 million richer. The Quebec couple won the Lotto 6/49 jackpot in the October 12 draw and they already have plans for what they will do with their millions.

Dion, who validated the lottery ticket through the Lotteries app while at work — sent the results to his wife, however, she didn't believe him at first. Daunais received a text message with a screenshot of the $5,000,000 result and replied by saying "If you're joking, it isn't funny!"

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Ever wonder what being a multimillionaire would be like? I mean, who doesn’t? Well, in the latest Lotto Max draw scheduled for Tuesday, April 19, the prize pool will amount to $70 million with a jackpot of $60 million.

Who couldn’t use $60 million, right? In a recent press release, Lotto Max stated that there’s also an estimated 10 Maxmillions to be won. Makes us dream, doesn't it?

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Loto-Québec has put out a call for Quebecers to check their lottery tickets, warning there are millions of dollars in unclaimed prizes.

One mystery winner has only until October 9 to claim their $1,000,000 prize. Loto-Québec says this person would have purchased their ticket in the Laval-des-Rapides area in October 2020.

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Perseverance has paid off big time for Olivia Delos Reyes. The Montreal woman just won Lotto 6/49's $10,990,458 jackpot after playing the same combination of numbers for 16 years — though she's not keeping the whole fortune for herself.

In a video posted to the Loto-Québec YouTube page, Reyes says she is going to split the prize money with members of her "lottery group."

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