The Lotto Max Jackpot Is The Highest It Can Be & You Could Become A Multimillionaire

If summer and deconfinement have been hurting your wallet, you may just want to pick up a ticket for the next Lotto Max draw taking place later this week, because you could become a multimillionaire.

The company announced in a press release on September 25 that a total of $83 million is at stake. This is thanks to the fact that there was no winning ticket sold for the draw on September 24, so the cash pot has gone up.

The Lotto Max draw on September 28 will have a jackpot of $70 million along with 13 Maxmillions prizes that are worth $1 million each.

If you want to try to hit the jackpot, you have until September 28 at 10:30 p.m. to buy a ticket that costs five dollars to purchase, but just know that, according to Loto-Québec, you have a one in 33,294,800 chance of winning.

And if ever the jackpot isn't won, the total prize pool will continue to get bigger and bigger, with more Maxmillions prizes added to the pot.