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A Montrealer Won The Lotto 6/49 Jackpot But She's Not Keeping The Whole $10,990,458

She's been playing the same combination for 16 years.

A Montrealer Won The Lotto 6/49 Jackpot & Here's How She's Splitting $10,990,458

Perseverance has paid off big time for Olivia Delos Reyes. The Montreal woman just won Lotto 6/49's $10,990,458 jackpot after playing the same combination of numbers for 16 years — though she's not keeping the whole fortune for herself.

In a video posted to the Loto-Québec YouTube page, Reyes says she is going to split the prize money with members of her "lottery group."

Lotto 6/49: Olivia and her group win the $10,990,458 jackpot playing onlineLoto-Québec | YouTube

She also says she will buy a house, buy a car, save for retirement and send money to her nine siblings.

"I still cannot believe what is happening right now, but I'm very thankful," Reyes says in the video.

According to a Loto-Québec news release, Reyes was spending time with friends on the night of the draw. She had to do a double-take when she found out she'd won, thinking she was reading the numbers on her own ticket rather than the winning numbers.

The numbers Reyes selected consisted of dates that are important to her, the press release says.

Reyes bought her ticket on The draw took place on August 28.

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