The Royal Canadian Mint Teased A 'Transition' To New Coins Following The Queen's Death

It also announced a "plan to commemorate" Queen Elizabeth II's reign.

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Canadian coins and bills.

Canadian coins and bills.

The Mint, which manufactures and distributes Canada's circulation of coins, has begun discussions to print the face of the new monarch on Canadian change.

In an email to newsletter subscribers Wednesday night, the Royal Canadian Mint confirmed it is currently "cooperating with the Government of Canada to begin the transition to a new obverse," the technical term for the "head" side of coins, while adhering to undisclosed "royal succession protocols."

However, there's still no public timeline for when King Charles III coins will enter circulation. The Crown corporation previously told Narcity that there isn't a legal deadline for such a transition to occur.

Instead, the Mint plans to release coins depicting the new sovereign based on demand (once it actually creates a design and according to an as-yet-to-be-determined government-established schedule). So, there won't be a wholesale exchange of old Queen Elizabeth II coins.

The Mint also teased a "plan to commemorate Her Majesty’s historic reign" in its September 14 email. There are no other details, but the mint routinely issues limited-edition commemorative coins to celebrate the lives of notable Canadians.

The corporation reiterated its promise to "meet all existing customer commitments" during the transition to new coinage, citing a "comprehensive plan to keep serving [...] customers." Existing bills and coins will continue to be legal tender.

The $20 bill featuring the visage of the late queen, meanwhile, will continue to "circulate for years to come," the Mint told Narcity.

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