Mayor Valérie Plante Says Montreal Is Ready To Welcome Ukrainian Refugees

The city is also making a donation to the Red Cross.

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Demonstration in support of Ukraine in downtown Montreal.

Demonstration in support of Ukraine in downtown Montreal.

As the war in Ukraine continues, the international community is scrambling to help the over two million Ukrainian refugees fleeing their homes and their country. At this point, we've all seen the photos and footage coming out of Eastern Europe, and we're all aware of the sanctions Canada and other countries have enforced against Russia — but what's happening here at home? How is Montreal helping in this crisis?

By preparing for refugees, that's how. According to an Instagram post from Mayor Valérie Plante on March 8, City Hall is planning for the arrival of people fleeing the conflict.

"We're mobilizing to come to Ukraine's aid," Mayor Plante wrote in her post.

"Donation centers like this one are providing resources to Ukrainians. The city will also make a donation of $60,000 to the Canadian Red Cross to help them. And we are ready to welcome migrants. We are in solidarity with the Ukrainian people and its community in Montreal."

"We are ready to welcome migrants."

Plante's declaration came a day after Quebec Minister of Immigration, Francization and Integration Jean Boulet told reporters that the province has not put a limit on the number of refugees it's prepared to accept.

On March 3, the federal government announced a new immigration program for Ukrainians. Through the Canada-Ukraine Authorization for Emergency Travel, Ukrainian nationals who pass a background check and security screening will be able to stay in Canada for "at least" two years. When they arrive, those individuals will be able to apply for work permits.

Jenna Pearl
Contributing Writer
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