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The Canadiens Are Launching Tons Of Activities This Year That'll Redefine Game Day

"Go, Habs, go!"

Bell Centre exterior. Right: A fan with Youppi! the mascot.

Bell Centre exterior. Right: A fan with Youppi! the mascot.

This hockey season is shaping up to be a particularly exciting one for diehard Montreal Canadiens fans, with all eyes on super-talented Cole Caufield. Plus, anyone who considers themselves a true Quebecer will tell you that seeing the team play live at Bell Centre is a joyous experience like no other.

To celebrate this special occasion, fans can take part in a series of game-night events at Bell Centre, allowing them to cheer on their team while taking in the fun, lively atmosphere.

There'll be plenty of chances to spend quality time with your friends and family right in the heart of the action. Here's a peek at some of the upcoming activities that'll make your hockey night even more special.

A New Escape Room

Since 2022, the Montreal Canadiens have partnered with Bell on a unique concept — an immersive escape room combined with a brand-new gaming experience.

Échappe-Toi has designed a new escape room that'll put your wits to the test, requiring you to solve a series of puzzles while immersed in a whirl of lighting, sound, video and special effects.

A hockey game.A hockey game.Jdazuelos | Dreamstime

Plus, built-in cameras in the escape room will broadcast the action live to fans in the arena.

CIBC Pregame Zone

This heated and well-lit area, nestled in the CIBC Pregame Zone, is the perfect place to meet up with your buds and enjoy entertainment before the match.

Fans at a Montreal Canadiens game.Fans at a Montreal Canadiens game.Courtesy of Laurie Bergeron

And on some nights, there'll be live music and dancers to liven things up too.

The Molson Concert Series

The Molson Concert Series promises to be unforgettable, with live performances by talented artists before major games this season: November 16, March 28 and April 4.

On Thursday, November 16, Rock the King will perform before the game, with Martin Fontaine after. On Thursday, March 28, get ready for a memorable evening that kicks off with the infectious energy of Lendemain de Veille before the game, followed by the talented Sarah Dufour.

To close out the concert series on Thursday, April 4, rapper Loud will heat things up pre-game. As for after the game, well, that's going to be an exciting surprise.

Youppi! the mascot.Youppi! the mascot.@vnctog | Instagram

All the entertainment starts at 5:30 p.m., whether you're at Canadiens Plaza in La Cour Rio Tinto or in the stands. New guest DJs and singers will also join the post-game celebration.

The Artist Series presented by Loto Québec

To capture the essence of hockey, which means so much to Montrealers, 12 local artists have been carefully selected to create works of art that highlight the rivalry between the teams.

Each artist will get five to six hours to paint live at one of the many Saturday night games.

Fans at a Montreal Canadiens game.Fans at a Montreal Canadiens game.Courtesy of Laurie Bergeron

Fans can soak up the artistry in person at the M2 Marché Montréal Loto-Québec food hall or follow it live on stadium-wide broadcasts.

Plus, right now, you can enter a contest for your chance to win one of the unique artist series paintings — an undeniably epic souvenir.

Whether you're attending your very first Canadiens game or you're a season regular, every match is a unique experience to share with the people who mean the most to you.

To learn more about all the Montreal Canadiens' pre-game activities, check out their website or follow them on Facebook or Instagram.

This article was originally published in French on Narcity Québec.

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