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10 Co-Workers From Quebec Won $2 Million Playing The Lottery & They've Got Big Plans

A few of them didn't believe it at first!

A group of 10 co-workers from Quebec pose with a giant $2 million cheque from Loto-Quebec.

A group of 10 co-workers from Quebec pose with a giant $2 million cheque from Loto-Quebec.

A group of 10 co-workers at the Fondrémy foundry in Chambly won $2 million with a Quebec 49 Formula ticket purchased for the February 25, 2023 draw.

Matthieu Côté, one of the winning members, said he had forgotten to purchase the tickets locally — so he decided to grab one on the road while he was out of town, Loto-Québec said.

Côté told the crown corporation that he and his co-workers had only been playing the lottery for a month and don't plan on stopping anytime soon.

After verifying the numbers online, Côté immediately phoned his colleague Patrick Bélanger to share the good news. He then called each of the other winning members one by one to let them in on their major win.

"Some cried out for joy, while others were unable to sleep that night. Two co-workers even said they didn’t believe they’d actually won until they got the confirmation on Monday morning," Loto-Québec said.

Here are the 10 lucky folks from the Fondrémy foundry who are taking home $200,000 each:

Patrick Bélanger

Martin Blackburn

Matthieu Côté

Michel Courchesnes

Sylvain D'Amours

Carlos Lopes

Joseph Lopez

Denis Morin

Sylvie Ouimet

Josée Séguin

Loto-Québec said that vacations, renovations and investing money are among a few of the plans the winners have. The group is already prepared for the next draw and have already purchased their ticket, Loto-Québec said.

The winning ticket was bought at Shell Voisin on Rue Principale, in Sainte-Hélène-de-Bagot. The retailer will receive a 1% commission of $20,000.

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