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1st-Dose Appointments Spiked In Quebec On The Day Legault Announced An Anti-Vax Tax

It seems money motivates. On the day that the premier announced an anti-vax tax, Quebec saw a spike in first vaccine dose appointments, according to Health Minister Christian Dubé.

In a Wednesday morning tweet, the minister said 5,000 people made appointments on January 10 and 7,000 made appointments on January 11, the day of the announcement — "the highest number in several days," he noted.

Dubé called the figures "encouraging."

The upcoming fee for Quebec adults who refuse to get a first dose of a COVID-19 vaccine will be an additional "health contribution" to compensate for the disproportionate burden the unvaccinated are placing on the health care system, Premier François Legault said Tuesday.

He noted that while only 10% of the adult population is unvaccinated, people without a vaccine dose occupy 50% of intensive care unit beds.

"All adults in Quebec who don’t accept to go get at least a first dose in the upcoming weeks will have a bill to pay because there are consequences on our health network," the premier said. He assured that people who can't receive a vaccine for medical reasons will be exempt.

Legault said the tax would be "significant" but didn't clarify how much exactly. He also did not say when the "bill" would go out.

The anti-vax tax is just the latest measure the Quebec government is imposing on the unvaccinated. On January 18, the provincial liquor and cannabis stores, the SAQ and SQDC, will require the vaccine passport. Dubé warned other businesses will require customers to have the health pass in the coming months, too.

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