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Zacharie and his twin brother, Lucas, Right: Rami from 'Occupation Double Martinique'.

Zacharie and his twin brother, Lucas, Right: Rami from 'Occupation Double Martinique'.

This season of Occupation Double Martinique certainly brought the heat and then some, but the twists and drama continued well after the cameras came down. Turns out, among this season's cast, three participants have a twin outside of the OD house, which many viewers and La Semaine des 4 Julie host, Julie Snyder were surprised about.

While a double-trouble twist would have been a great gameplay, not all siblings are single. Zacharie and his twin brother, Lucas had been planning on appearing on the reality series together for years. Despite not being selected for this season, they were able to make an appearance together on La Semaine des 4 Julie, where they played a hilarious joke on Snyder.

Zacharie & Lucas

The duo pulled a Parent Trap prank on Julie where Lucas pretended to be Zacharie during his interview. Lucas began discussing his and his brother's goal to appear on OD, which is when Julie started to sense that things weren't adding up.

"Ever since we were little we've been watching Occupation Double, we wanted to do it together, but unfortunately I've been in a relationship with my girlfriend for two years."

Huh? Girlfriend? Well, it was at that very moment that Zacharie walked out onto the set — surprising Julie and the studio audience.

Jonathan & Sébastian

Jonathan, who voluntarily left the house after falling victim to a slew of bullying tactics, also has a twin brother, Sébastian Desjardins. The duo are very close, so close in fact that Jonathan is the godfather to one of Sébastian's kids.

In an interview with Narcity Québec, Sébastian spoke out regarding Jon's journey on the show. "I'm glad to see him go because he's been himself. The Jonathan I saw on TV, that's the Jonathan I know, so I'm glad he stayed himself."

Rami & Myrda

Lastly, you've got Rami and his twin sister, Myrda Farran. The duo have posted a few pics together on their social media and shared the stage during their interview with Julie Snyder.

"We get along great. [...] It's a bit of a cliché, but yes [we feel the same emotions at the same times]," Rami told Snyder.

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