7 Adorable Small Towns Near Montreal You Have To Visit At Least Once

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Person posing by Lake Champlain in Vermont, Right: Small town in Quebec.

Person posing by Lake Champlain in Vermont, Right: Small town in Quebec.


In need of a good road trip from Montreal? Since it's always nice to get out of the city every now and again, we live in the perfect spot surrounded by gorgeous small towns every Montrealer should visit at least once.

Whether you're seeking a change of scenery, a little taste of small-town charm, or want to get away from the hustle and bustle of city life, there are plenty of quaint destinations to choose from both in Quebec and across the border.

Here are a few that are certainly noteworthy and should be on everyone's small town bucket list!

Eastman, Quebec

Distance: 1hr 15 minutes from Montreal.

Why You Need To Go: Eastman is a standout town with one of the oldest modern spas in all of Canada, Spa Eastman. The destination offers up a traditional spa experience including massage therapy and thermal baths, but also provides specialized retreats, some of which go as far as having you hand over your phone and electronics.

You can also showcase your adventurous side with many canoe and kayak trips offered down the North Missisquoi River on a 28-mile journey that is certain to get some adrenaline rushing.

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Dunham, Quebec

Distance: 1hr 15 minutes from Montreal.

Why You Need To Go: Dunham is located only 6 miles from the Canada-US border and offers much to do for any visitor. The quaint town is home to Vignoble de Ruisseau, a sugar shack that is a definite must-try, but it isn't just any sugar shack. They offer a three-course and a six-course tasting menu of maple goodness. Mmm!

You can also visit one of the 22 vineyards in Dunham, many of which produce Chardonnay, Merlot, Riesling, Pinot Noir, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Gewurztraminer. Don't mind if we do, right?

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Littleton, New Hampshire

Distance: 3 hours from Montreal

Why You Need To Go: Littleton is known for being named one of the best smallest downtowns in all of the United States, making it quite the notable choice.

The small town is known for its food scene including must-try spots such as Bishop's: an ice cream shop with over 60 flavours of homemade goodness, and Chutters, a candy store that just so happens to be home to the longest candy counter. Littleton is also known for its Schilling Beer Co. brewery, which is certainly an activity worth adding to your list.

*A valid Canadian passport is required to visit Littleton, New Hampshire.

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Piopolis, Quebec

Distance: 2hr 45 minutes from Montreal.

Why You Need To Go: Piopolis is home to a little under 400 people but is totally worth a visit if you ever get the chance. The unbelievably charming town is known to be a photographer's haven with gorgeous views of the distant mountains, lake, and of course, the marina, where you can enjoy a cozy picnic right beside a miniature lighthouse that is one of the village's few claims to fame.

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Burlington, Vermont

Distance: 2 hours from Montreal.

Why You Need To Go: While Burlington is certainly more of a city than a small town, it certainly gives off small-town vibes. Yeah, sure there's a Target, Walmart and Trader Joe's, but a walk down Church Street will have you feelin' like you've stepped into a typical small town in America.

The best part is that you sorta get the best of both worlds. Rustic and remote vibes with some great shopping choices all in one. Win-win, amirite?

*A valid Canadian passport is required to visit Burlington, Vermont.

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Sutton, Quebec

Distance: 1hr 15 minutes from Montreal.

Why You Need To Go: Sutton is the ideal choice for a quick getaway from Montreal that allows you to take in all the majestic scenery this mountainous town has to offer. The hot spot is home to Mont Sutton, a skiing mountain that every winter-lover should visit one day.

The picturesque town is also home to Parc d'Environment Naturel, which offers visitors one of the most stunning four-season trail networks in the entire province, and let's not even get started on the stunning fall foliage you can witness...

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Stowe, Vermont

Distance: 2hrs 30 minutes from Montreal.

Why You Need To Go: Yet another gorgeous ski town, Stowe offers year-round charm with stunning fall foliage that makes it worth visiting every season of the year.

Located only 30 minutes west of Burlington, you can really escape the hustle and bustle of it all and enjoy the small shops, old-fashioned feels, and the town's church. Visiting during Christmas time will quite literally transport you into a holiday Hallmark movie.

*A valid Canadian passport is required to visit Stowe, Vermont.

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