A New Quebec Beer Festival Featuring Women-Owned Breweries Is Just 1 Hour From Montreal

There are 18 participating breweries. 🍻

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Paty Rios and Tatiana Fulton, owners of OverHop Canada and Brassoeurs Microbrasserie.

Paty Rios and Tatiana Fulton, owners of OverHop Canada and Brassoeurs Microbrasserie.

Courtesy of Paty Rios

There's no shortage of good breweries in Quebec, but how many belong to women? In a sector historically dominated by women, female brewers, or brewsters, have been mostly pushed out of brewhouses over two centuries ago. Now, the Festival Brassoeurs of Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu aims to prove that women can still generate excellent brews.

On March 25, the OverHop Canada brewery will host the first edition of the new Quebec beer festival, inviting 18 participating breweries that are all women-owned or have women as brewers.

It's only a one-hour drive from Montreal and there's technically no entrance fee.

However, you'll have to buy the $10 4oz festival glass if you want to taste the different brews. Similarly to many other beer festivals, drinks won't be served in other containers.

"It has always been our dream to gather the amazing women in the brewing industry for a day of celebration, and after three long years of waiting, we're finally there!" Paty Rios and Tatiana Fulton, owners of OverHop Canada and Brassoeurs Microbrasserie, said in a statement shared with MTL Blog.

Here's the full list of participating breweries:

  • Brasserie Louks
  • Les Insulaires Microbrasseurs
  • Microbrasserie Brouemalt
  • La Grange Pardue - Ferme Brassicole
  • Oshlag Microbrasserie & Distillerie
  • Microbrasserie Domaine Berthiaume — Ferme Brassicole
  • Brasserie Harricana
  • À L'Abri de la Tempête
  • Microbrasserie Pit Caribou
  • La Ferme Brasserie Rurale
  • Brewskey Brasserie Artisanale
  • Kahnawake Brewing
  • La Memphré
  • Beer Babes Family
  • Bouchées Brésil
  • Savonnerie Machin-Truc
  • Broadway Beer Bread
  • Vicky Hébert
The festival organizers also promise music, food and even a market featuring local women-owned businesses Broadway Beer Bread, Savonnerie Machin-Truc, Bouchées Brésil, and Panier Picante, as well as works by artist Vicky Hebert.
Children and pets are welcome.
MTL Blog reached out for more information about the full program and the article will be updated when we get a response.

Festival Brassoeurs

Cost: Free to attend

  • $10 for the special glass (compulsory to taste the beers)
  • The suggested price per consumption is $3.

When: March 25, from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Where: 650, rue Gaudette, local 6., Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu, QC

Facebook event

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Charlotte Hoareau
Contributing Writer
Charlotte Hoareau is a contributing writer for MTL Blog. She is based in Montreal, Quebec.
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