A Quebec TikToker Hilariously Depicted What Spring Is Like & It’s So Accurate It Hurts (VIDEO)

"I can't come out, it's exam week."

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A Quebec content creator hilariously depicting what springtime is like throughout the province in a TikTok video.

A Quebec content creator hilariously depicting what springtime is like throughout the province in a TikTok video.

Le2Watt | TikTok

It's officially spring in Quebec and that means it's time to switch out those winter tires, be perplexed by your weather app and not know how to dress because it's too cold in the morning and too warm in the afternoon. Talk about springtime struggles in la belle province, right?

Benjamin Loiselle, a content creator who goes by Le2watt on TikTok, created a hilarious video about how spring really feels in Quebec and it's so accurate that it hurts.


Le printemps be like : (ig:le2watt)

Loiselle acts out a number of scenarios that we all find ourselves in during this fickle transition from winter to summer. The first? Allergies.

The TikTok starts out with a clip of Loiselle sneezing into the camera and for those who deal with seasonal allergies, you know just how real those April sniffles can be.

The clip immediately transitions to Loiselle reading the weather report for the day. "They're announcing 25 degrees C today," he says.

"And they're announcing how much for tomorrow?" a voice off-camera asks. "…three degrees," he replies. Why does Mother Nature treat us like this?

The winter-to-summer tire struggle is also an unavoidable springtime debacle many of us are far too familiar with — from the cost all the way to having to get them changed and installed. Oh, not to mention where the heck we're meant to store four massive car tires year-round…

"I had to buy summer tires…$800 for god's sake…$800!" Loiselle said followed by a clip of him scuffling with tire tools and cursing in Québécois…in the freezing rain.

And for any and all students out there, the start of spring also goes hand-in-hand with the end of the semester and exams.

"Are you free tonight?" Loiselle is asked while on the phone. "No, I can't. I am studying for exam week."

Loiselle's TikTok has since been viewed over 200,000 times with a total of 46,000 likes. So, it's safe to say people can definitely relate.

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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