Around 15 cm Of Snow Is Expected To Fall In Parts Of Quebec This Weekend

Driving could be rough!

Around 15 cm Of Snow Is Expected To Fall In Parts Of Quebec This Weekend

If you live in certain parts of Quebec, it's time to dust off your boots, put on a warm coat and pull out your shovel. Between November 27 and 28, there's going to be heavy snowfall in two regions in the province, potentially leading to dangerous road conditions.

Hopefully you didn't put off installing your winter tires until the last minute.

According to Environment Canada, Amqui, in the Matapedia Valley, will get 10 to 15 centimetres of snow today and tonight. So will Matane, which is on the Gaspé Peninsula.

The government asks Quebec residents who live in those regions to be careful — especially when driving, since the amount of snow won't make it easy to navigate the roads.

But despite what's to come, maybe you can make the best of it by drinking a hot chocolate, watching a Christmas movie like Home Alone, and spending the weekend covered in blankets in bed.

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