Here's When Your Car Needs Winter Tires In Quebec According To Your Region

Even if we refuse to believe it — winter is around the corner. Although the official deadline for putting on winter tires in Quebec is December 1, CAA-Quebec is advising that we change our tires much earlier this year.

In collaboration with MétéoMédia, the association has determined realistic dates to prepare your car for the cold season in each region of the province. According to the recommendations, you should do so as soon as the temperature drops below 7 C for a few consecutive days. It's the temperature, not just the snow, that significantly reduces tire traction.

And since the cold weather makes some regions shiver before others as soon as fall arrives, here are the dates, on average, "that should be respected to install your winter tires," according to CAA-Quebec.

  • Sept-Îles: October 20
  • Val-d'Or and Saguenay: October 25
  • Rimouski and Gaspé: October 30
  • Quebec City, Gatineau and Sherbrooke: November 5
  • Montreal: November 10

It's advisable to make an appointment now because the tire season is shaping up to be quite busy and intense. According to experts, stock shortages for some popular brands are expected and the lack of workers in garages and mechanical shops could delay your appointment.

"The watchword is foresight. Waiting is taking the risk of being told that there is no room for one, two or even three weeks," said Pierre-Serge Labbé, vice-president of automotive services at CAA-Quebec, in a statement shared with MTL Blog.