Best Indian Restaurants In Montreal

Butter chicken, naan bread, paneer, and more!
Best Indian Restaurants In Montreal

Honestly, there is nothing on this earth quite like a meal of satisfying, perfectly spiced, perfectly cooked Indian food.

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Pretty much any and every Indian dish you can think of is seriously delicious: samosas, naan bread, paneer - it's all super tasty. And in Montreal, we're really lucky to be surrounded by some of the most awesome Indian restaurants. Although they're all great in their own way, a select few stand out.

1. Bombay Mahal

1001 Rue Jean-Talon-Ouest

This delicious Indian spot is super popular among Montrealers, and for one very good reason: the food here is phenomenal. Fresh, fragrant, and incredibly flavourful, you'll never ever go wrong with a visit to this Jean-Talon spot.


2. Devi

1450 Rue Crescent

This upscale, fun, and awesome Indian restaurant is located right in the heart of downtown Montreal. The food here is actually mindblowing, spiced and cooked to perfection; and the lively vibe seriously cannot be beat.


3. Darbar

2027 Boul St-Laurent

Located in Montreal's Quartier Des Spectacles, Darbar is the perfect spot for an upscale and highkey delicious Indian food meal.


4. Le Taj

2077 Rue Stanley

This downtown Montreal restaurant is seriously awesome. An elegant spot (perfect for a date, TBH) that serves up super tasty meals, there's no way you could go wrong here.


5. Rasoi

3459 Rue Notre-Dame O

This trendy and seriously fun Indian restaurant is situated in Montreal's Griffintown. Not only is it the perfect place to go if you're looking for someplace super fun, but the food here also happens to be on its own level of awesome.


6. Sahib

225B Hymus Blvd

Situated in the West Island, Sahib has some of the tastiest butter chicken and samosas I've ever tried. On weekends, they even have a buffet, so you can get your fix of their delicious butter chicken - and then some.


7. India Beau Village

640 Rue Jarry O

Honestly, I love this place. Located on Jarry, India Beau Village serves up some of the creamiest butter chicken and softest naan bread around... Bonus points for their incredibly friendly service and spacious location, too.

8. Thali

1409 Rue Saint-Marc

Thali, located right near Concordia University, is known for being two things: incredibly inexpensive, and incredibly delicious. Make sure to get there early, as this spot understandably gets full around supper time.


9. Thanjai

4759 Avenue Van Horne

Ever tried Southern Indian cuisine? If you haven't, then you seriously don't know what you're missing out on. And if you've never tried South Indian cuisine from this Cote-Des-Neiges spot, then trust me, you're missing out big time. Protip: try their dosa... it's literally (yes, literally) mind blowing.


10. Bombay Choupati

5011 Boulevard des Sources

This Indian spot is situated in the West Island; but even if you're nowhere near the West, you need to get yourself there, ASAP, just to try the delicacies here. Great food with a great vibe... legit, what could be better?


*Disclaimer: All research done in this article is by the author. Restaurants never pay to be featured on MTL Blog's "Best Of" lists; furthermore, this list represents a showcase of great spots, and is not a numbered ranking.

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