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Canada Is In A 'National Mourning Period' & Officially Announced A Federal Holiday

A federal holiday is set for September 19.

Canada flags outside of Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Right: Justin Trudeau signs the queen's book of condolences.

Canada flags outside of Canadian Parliament in Ottawa. Right: Justin Trudeau signs the queen's book of condolences.

Following Queen Elizabeth II's death on September 8, 2022, Canada has officially entered a 10-day national mourning period. During this time, a number of commemorative events to mark the queen's death will take place.

First, flags on all Government of Canada buildings and establishments throughout the country and abroad will be flown at half-mast. According to the government, the national half-masting will be "effective from the day of the passing until sunset on the day of the funeral," which is scheduled for September 19. The exception for the national half-masting was Saturday, the day on which King Charles III was proclaimed Canada's new sovereign.

On the day of Queen Elizabeth's funeral, a so-called "national commemorative ceremony" will take place at Christ Church Cathedral in Ottawa. Expect to see black-clad Canadian politicals and royal stand-ins like the Governor General, as well as heads of organizations with which the queen had a "close connection" (the government gives the examples of charities and military regiments).

Canadians can tune in to the commemorative ceremony via a live broadcast across digital media platforms. The event will conclude with a fly-past over the cathedral and Parliament Hill by Royal Canadian Air Force CF-18s.

Canada will also host a memorial parade in honour of the queen. The parade will be held in Ottawa and will consist of members of the Canadian Armed Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. The date and time of the parade have yet to be announced. Per the federal government, "A gun salute of one round per year of life will be conducted during the memorial parade," for a total of 96.

In Quebec, the monarch's representative, Lieutenant Governor J. Michel Doyon, officially invited residents across the province to sign the book of condolences at the Citadelle de Québec. The public will be able to extend their sympathies every day from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m. until Sunday, the day before Queen Elizabeth II's funeral.

Quebecers can also sign the virtual book on the official website of the Department of Canadian Heritage or that of the Lieutenant Governor of Quebec.

In addition to the country being in a mourning period, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has also announced a national federal holiday, which will be observed on the day of the queen's funeral.

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