Canada's Vaccine Passport For Travel — Everything You Need To Know

And how it works if you live in Quebec.

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Canada's Vaccine Passport For Travel — Everything You Need To Know

We now have another vaccine passport in Canada. The "Canadian COVID-19 proof of vaccination" — widelydubbed the federal vaccine passport — is a standardized document for use in domestic and international travel.

Quebecers can download this federally-approved pass in addition to the provincial VaxiCode app and proof of vaccination record to access services that are restricted to fully vaccinated people.

Here's what you need to know before you take your next trip outside Quebec.

Where can I use the federal vaccine passport?

As of October 30, anyone 12 or older will have to show proof of vaccination in many cases when travelling by plane, train or ship to, within or out of Canada.

Specifically, proof of vaccination will be required for:

  • "air passengers flying on domestic, transborder or international flights departing from airports in Canada;
  • "rail passengers on VIA Rail and Rocky Mountaineer trains;"
  • and "marine passengers on non-essential passenger vessels, such as cruise ships, on voyages of 24 hours or more."

The new standardized vaccine passport allows passengers to easily provide that proof.

The government says citizens and residents can also present the federal passport when travelling abroad but warns that it "does not guarantee you entry to another country."

And finally, when you return from your voyage, the vaccine passport is recognized at Canadian ports of entry.

The ArriveCan app — which travellers must download before entering Canada — allows users to upload the document.

Can I use the federal vaccine passport in another province?

Many provinces have restricted access to non-essential services and events, such as restaurants and concerts, to fully vaccinated residents and visitors.

Provinces recognize the federally approved vaccine passport. The government states online that provinces and territories may actually "ask you to use this proof to access non-essential services."

What information is on the vaccine passport?

Similar to Quebec's VaxiCode app and pdf proof of vaccination, the federal vaccine passport will include your first and last name, your date of birth and your COVID-19 vaccination history (vaccine lot numbers, names of manufacturers and dates received).

Unlike VaxiCode or the provincial pdf, the Canadian vaccine passport will have the federal government logo in the top right corner.

The document will have a QR code in addition to this information.

How can Quebecers get their federally approved proof of vaccination?

The provinces and territories are distributing the federal vaccine passport.

Quebecers can find it the same way they would download the provincial proof of vaccination document.

A portal on the Quebec government website prompts visitors to enter identifying information. They can then opt to receive a link to their vaccination proof either through text or email.

The link takes Quebecers to a page where they can download proofs of vaccination for use within Quebec (the VaxiCode app or a pdf document with a QR code) and for use outside of Quebec, the federally standardized vaccine passport.

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