Canadians Pay More For Phone Plans Than Almost Anywhere Else, But This Province Is Cheapest

Canada is one of the top 20 most expensive mobile data countries in the world. 📱🌎

MTL Blog, Associate Editor
​A lineup of phones at a store in Vancouver.

A lineup of phones at a store in Vancouver.

In a world where we rely on our smartphones for everything from staying connected to binge-watching our favourite shows, the cost of mobile data hits close to home.

And it seems Canada is feeling the pinch when it comes to digital connectivity — the country just earned a spot among the top 20 most expensive countries for mobile data.

According to a new HelloSafe report, Canadians paid a hefty $7.75 per gigabyte of mobile data in 2022. That's 26 times more than people in France and a staggering 155 times more than Israelis.

The international comparison further revealed that South Korea, Switzerland, and New Zealand had the highest mobile data prices, with Canadians trailing behind in 19th place.

The study drew data from a sample of over 5,000 mobile plans worldwide, collected by for 2022, comparing costs. It took into account stand-alone data prices on mobile wireless smartphone plans, essentially measuring the cost of purchasing 1 GB of mobile data.

Within Canada, there was a significant disparity between provinces and territories. The study found Saskatchewan has the most affordable mobile data prices in the country. Thanks to the presence of Sasktel, competition has flourished, resulting in an average cost of just $16 for a mobile plan.

That's not only a relief for Saskatchewan residents but also serves as a beacon of possibility for other provinces struggling with exorbitant prices.

Ontario, known for its bustling tech scene, boasts some of the best mobile plan prices in the nation, with an average cost of $24.

Quebec and B.C. averaged out to $26, while Alberta, Manitoba, New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island remain on the higher end of the spectrum, paying $30 on average for mobile plans.

The next time you're stunned at the price of your data bill, remember you're not alone — and maybe consider a road trip to the Prairies.

Sofia Misenheimer
MTL Blog, Associate Editor
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