A French Teacher On TikTok Shows How Different France vs. Quebec Accents Are & She's Spot On

Same language, different font.

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A French teacher on TikTok showing the difference between France and Quebec French pronunciations.

A French teacher on TikTok showing the difference between France and Quebec French pronunciations.

When it comes to Quebec French, it's no secret that our accent differs greatly from the French spoken throughout France and other French-speaking countries, but did you know just how different they are?

A French language teacher on TikTok named Jana Frances, who goes by @francescommademoiselle, offers up loads of tips and tricks for learning the French language. In a recent video that has since garnered over 650,000 views, Jana points out how different the main France accent is from the typical Quebec accent.


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In the video, Jana uses a handful of easy-to-say French words accompanied by the France flag to indicate the French pronunciation and the Quebec flag to indicate the Quebecois pronunciation, and it's safe to say that her efforts were spot on.

Jana starts off with "un,", followed by "pas," "ça," "pain," "affaire," and "bien," — showcasing how each word is said differently depending on what dialect or style of French you're speaking in.

The TikToker certainly knows the French language well, considering she managed to get the intonation and rhythm just right.

French spoken in France often has softer consonants and has a more monotone rhythm to it, whereas Quebec French puts more of an emphasis on rising and falling tones and has more vowel sounds overall, with many Quebecers pronouncing words more nasally, a difference that is particularly apparent when saying words such as "pain," and "bien."

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Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
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