Here's How Quebec Plans To Deal With People Who Still Gather At Christmas

Legault says he's counting on Quebecers' "sense of responsibility."
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Here's How Quebec Plans To Deal With People Who Still Gather At Christmas

Well, folks, Christmas in Quebec has officially been cancelled. And by that, I mean Premier François Legault let Quebecers know on December 3 that gatherings for the holidays will no longer be allowed in red zones.

The only exception to the rule is one person going to visit another person who lives alone, which has been permitted for some time now.

Legault says that forbidden holiday gatherings will be well surveilled. 

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We can't have a police officer in every house.

Premier François Legault

Fines will be given out to people who get caught breaking the rules.

The Quebec government had initially said that gatherings of under 10 people between the days of December 24 to 27 would be accepted but retracted such this Thursday.

Legault claims there was already a percentage of Quebecers who were planning on not seeing their family for the holidays to avoid any potential risks — even when it was permitted.

The premier says he's relying on people to use their "sense of responsibility" to not gather during the holidays.

"Quebecers have the common sense not to put their family members at risk," Legault said.

"I don't think there's anyone in Quebec who feels like having in their head for the rest of their lives that they infected someone in their family [or] one of their friends."

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