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The Montreal Weather Is Welcoming Warm Spring Days Starting This Week

Sunny days are ahead! ☀️

Montreal Beaver Lake located at Mount Royal Park.

Montreal Beaver Lake located at Mount Royal Park.

It's safe to say that the March weather was pretty gnarly, but thankfully, that's over with! Spring weather has officially arrived and you can expect sunny and warm(ish) days starting this week.

The Weather Network is reporting double-digit degree days starting Monday, April 4.

For those of you who have been looking forward to the sun, you'll be getting a "mainly sunny" Monday with a high of 10 degrees Celsius and an even nicer Tuesday with highs of 11 degrees.

This is the perfect time to catch the sunset at Mount Royal Park or head out on an afternoon walk to soak up some of that much-needed vitamin D.

While this week is starting off on a high, as the April showers saying goes, the remainder of the week is looking cloudy and rainy.

Despite the less than stellar chances of precipitation, temperatures are expected to reach as high as 12 degrees Celsius on Wednesday.

Not enough sun? Don't fret. The Montreal weather is expected to get even better the week of April 11 to 17.

Starting on April 11, Montrealers can expect a high of 10 degrees and a full day of sun. The weather will inch up by a degree on Tuesday, with a "mainly sunny" forecast.

The real good days begin on Wednesday, April 13 when temperatures are anticipated to reach as high as 14 degrees Celsius. Do you know what that means in Montreal? Shorts weather! No, seriously, get those shorts ready.

While Thursday, April 14, is set to be cloudy, the temps are to remain at 14 degrees. Montreal will thus have another full day of sun on Friday, April 15, with a high of 12 degrees Celsius.

Spring... we've missed you!

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