No matter what diet you follow, it's pretty easy to admit that vegan dishes always come packed with unique flavours. And when it comes to vegan restaurants in Montreal, Sham is hands down one of the best. With two locations in the city, one on avenue Mont-Royal and the other right by the Jean-Talon Market, you basically have no reason not to try out this restaurant at some point in the near future.

When I think of typical Montreal dishes, shawarma and shish taouk pitas or plates are definitely some of the first that come to mind. 

But, where Sham comes in with the originality, is that its shawarma and shish taouk are entirely vegan — as is everything else on its menu.

Although you may be fooled into thinking you're munching on some beef or chicken, it's actually all mushroom-based.

Believe me when I say you would never believe that after trying it.

The Middle Eastern flavours that Sham's dishes are filled with will 1. probably make you reconsider your meat consumption, and 2. remind you to spice up the next meal you make for yourself.

These are big promises, I know — but I mean what I say.

And if the photos of the colourful dishes below don't sell you, the owner, Khal, will with his warm, welcoming, and accommodating presence.

He'll basically spice up your dish any way your heart (or stomach) desires.

And please, don't even get me STARTED on how delicious the vegan garlic sauce is.

After you try both the shawarma and shish taouk, don't forget about the vegan steak and general tao.

While I've only been to the location on avenue Mont-Royal, which has two cute little tables that let you sit on the street and people-watch while eating, I'm utterly positive the one on rue Mozart is just as good.

Right now, there are only two locations in Montreal, but after speaking with the owner Khal, I know that this is expected to soon change.

Khal plans on having more Shams come up all around the city in the future.

So, make sure to keep an eye out as this amazing vegan shawarma and shish taouk place starts making appearances all over Montreal!


Address: 152, ave. Mozart E. & 1371, ave. Mont-Royal, Montreal, QC


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