Google's Adorable Latest Doodle Celebrates Quebec Poutine

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The Google logo on an office building in Mountain View, California.

The Google logo on an office building in Mountain View, California.

Google unveiled a Quebec poutine-themed doodle in Canada on Friday, May 19, to mark the ninth* anniversary of the entrance of the word "poutine" in the English Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

The doodle depicts a steaming bowl of fries, gravy and cheese curds in front of a redesigned Google logo evoking the folky font of a roadside casse-croûte. A smiling, dancing fork clutching a single, gravy-soaked French fry replaces the 'L' in "Google."

The May 19, 2023, Google doodle celebrating poutine.The May 19, 2023, Google doodle celebrating poutine.Google

The company also recounts some of the lore surrounding the famous dish:

"Poutine originated in Québec, however, its origin story is debated! Several restaurant owners in the province claim to have invented it. One restaurant owner stumbled upon the surprising trio of white cheese curds, brown gravy, and double-fried russet potatoes because they observed customers adding a side of cheese curds on top of their gravy fries. Enticed by the combination, the owner added it to their menu in 1964. Another restauranter in Québec was asked by a customer to add cheese curds to a bag of fries, and the owner responded, 'It will make a mess!' The "mess" began to intrigue him and he started to serve the fries and cheese curds together topped with gravy to keep them warm."

Google further gave a shoutout to the many reinventions of the dish, including what it calls the "Montréal-style" smoked meat-topped poutine.

"No matter where poutine came from, Canadians (and non-Canadians) agree that it's a favorite [sic] comfort food!" Google's statement concludes.

Earlier drafts of the poutine doodle gif include a beaver constructing a dam of deep-fried potatoes and cheese and a group of fries soaking in a tub of gravy.

The doodle is only visible in Canada.

*This article has been updated.

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