I Tried Pluto TV For A Week & There’s A Reason It’s Free

It's got potential, though!

Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
A person holding up their laptop with the Pluto TV logo on it. Right: A selection of content on Pluto TV.

A person holding up their laptop with the Pluto TV logo on it. Right: A selection of content on Pluto TV.

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Pluto TV officially launched in Canada back in December 2022 — adding to the list of many streaming services offered here…except this one's free.

Indeed, Pluto TV is a free, ad-supported streaming platform owned by Paramount Global. With other services like Netflix stirring the pot when it comes to password sharing, many of usmight think they would prefer paying, well, nothing for their entertainment.

So, how does Pluto TV hold up to other major streaming services in Canada?

Well, it doesn't.

The service allows you to watch On Demand films and TV shows or Live TV. But either choice doesn't leave you with anything fresh to watch — unless you're a fan of older flicks, and lesser-known sitcoms and television series.

Sure, there's some known content, ranging from Hell's Kitchen, Degrassi The Next Generation, CSI, The Drew Barrymore Show to Happy Days, to name a few, but for anyone looking for newer content, you're out of luck.

While Pluto TV might be easy to write off, considering its lack of newer options, it's important to remember that it's free. No signup or login is needed, the interface is easy to navigate, and if you really look hard enough you just might find something worth watching.

If there's one thing that I used Pluto TV for was background noise. Whether I was doing work, cooking dinner or tidying up, I enjoyed being able to effortlessly open Pluto TV and toss on a random show (I Love Lucy became a favourite) and I'd just let it play as I went about my day.

For when I really wanted a good watch, Netflix, Crave and Hayu delivered, per usual. However, for a free streaming service, Pluto TV isn't so bad, particularly when you become more familiar with what movies and TV shows are offered on the platform.

Now, while Pluto TV may not have been for me, it's a great streaming option for those looking for a little added nostalgia in their lives, especially if the 80s and 90s are your thing.

Mike Chaar
Assistant Editor, MTL Blog
Mike Chaar is a writer by day and reality TV binge-watcher by night. When he’s not cracking down on recalls, celeb news and discovering the best of the best foodie spots across Montreal, he can be found indulging in his love for new cuisines, reading and music, with Mariah Carey being his ultimate diva.
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