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11 Of The Best Laptop-Friendly Montreal Cafés For Students, Remote Workers, Freelancers & More

They get that you're there for both the brew and the bandwidth.

​People working in a Little Italy café.

People working in a Little Italy café.

Ever tried to work in a Montreal café, only to get the side-eye from a barista because your laptop's been out too long? Or worse, your device is at 5% and there isn't a single outlet in sight? We've all been there. Between cram sessions and group projects, Montreal students and remote workers need more than just a good cup of joe.

You need solid wifi, power for days, and a laid-back vibe that helps you balance caffeine and coursework. So, we've scoped out some popular Montreal cafés that get it. Whether you want to work around McGill, Concordia, UdeM or UQAM, or find somewhere near your home, say goodbye to endless café-hopping and hello to your next favourite work nook.

Crew Collective & Café

Where: 360, rue Saint-Jacques

Reason to go: Housed in a historic Old Montreal bank, this café's stunning interiors are a visual treat. Beyond its captivating appearance, the café boasts top-notch coffee, perfect for those long study stints. The comfortable couches invite students to settle in and focus. But what truly sets it apart is its co-working space. Whether you're a student, freelancer, entrepreneur, or creative, you can tap into a workspace that’s motivating and designed for productivity for s $20 a day.

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Café Léo

Where: 1215, rue Berri

Reason to go: This downtown café near UQAM (and Berri-UQAM metro station) isn’t just about the coffee, though that alone is worth the visit. Beyond delicious brews, it serves scrumptious croissant sandwiches and other pastries, making it an ideal hub for telecommuters, with ample natural light to focus and get tasks done efficiently.

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Café Perko

Where: 753, rue Villeray

Reason to go: This Villeray café is a prime spot for those looking for a mix of work and relaxation. They serve excellent coffee and offer a range of quick bites, making it an ideal place to study, work, or just chill with a book. The practicality extends to their setup, with electrical outlets near most tables, allowing visitors to plug in and power up. For those in a pinch, they've set up an honour-based printer for essential printouts. The atmosphere is quiet, making it easier to focus, and it's not uncommon to see many patrons working away on their laptops. One thing to note: they accept only cash. If you're seeking a straightforward, laptop-friendly environment in Montreal, Café Perko is a solid choice.

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49th Parallel Café

Where: 488, rue McGill

Reason to go: Students can dig into Lucky’s donuts and sip superb coffee while working on assignments at this Old Montreal café. If you're really hungry, there are also breakfast burgers and brunch options from their kitchen. With a vibe that's welcoming to those with laptops, it's a top spot for focused study sessions complemented by great food and drink.

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Dispatch Café

​Where: 4021, boul. St-Laurent (Plateau), 3480, rue McGill (downtown)

Reason to go: With locations in Montreal's Plateau and downtown, this café a go-to spot for both students and professionals. Known for its high-quality brews (especially cold brew), it provides the right kick to start a productive work session. Its welcoming ambiance and minimalist decor in both locales ensure you can settle down with your laptop without distractions.

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Café Castel

Where: 1015, rue Sherbrooke Ouest

Reason to go: Just a quick walk from McGill, this café is cozy, and the skylight ensures there's plenty of natural light for working. Their sandwiches, available in both full and half portions, make for a filling meal, and the coffee comes with eye-catching latté art. While the food might be a tad pricey, the convenience and ambiance more than make up for it.

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Pourquoi Pas espresso bar

Where: 1447, rue Atateken

Reason to go: This café in the Village is a must-visit for coffee enthusiasts. Touted as serving one of Montreal's finest cups, the space is thoughtfully designed with tables and a window booth that are perfect for setting up your laptop and diving into work. The ambiance consistently radiates a relaxed, chill vibe, making it easy to focus or just unwind. And while the coffee is a draw, don’t miss out on their salty chocolate chip cookies — they're nothing short of sensational.

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Leaves House

Where: 2051, rue de la Montagne (Golden Square Mile), 1800, avenue McGill College (downtown)

Reason to go: Leaves House, near McGill in downtown Montreal, is a top choice for students. They serve coffee, tea, matcha, and use only plant-based milk. The space is dotted with plants, giving it a relaxed feel ideal for studying. If you're working on your laptop and need a snack, their croissants are a hit.

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Le Moustache Café

Where: 35, rue Beaubien Est

Reason to go: This Little Italy café stands out as a top pick for anyone needing a remote workspace. You can enjoy superb coffee or one of the best vegan smoothies in Montreal. They also offer a range of homemade pastries. The cafe can get packed, especially on weekends, which is a testament to its popularity. If you're seeking good drinks, snacks, and a spot for your laptop, Le Moustache Café has you covered.

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La Graine Brûlée

Where: 921, rue Sainte-Catherine Est

Reason to go: This café in the Village is a vibrant hub for those needing a splash of color with their coffee. With fast Wi-Fi and plenty of plugs, it’s built for the digital age, ensuring you're always connected. On the menu, you'll find a strong emphasis on vegan dishes, catering to the health-conscious and eco-friendly alike. Despite its size and popularity, there’s usually a spot to be found, thanks to its spacious layout. What sets it apart is its eclectic design. The place is a patchwork of creative corners, allowing you to write, lounge, or even sit on the floor, adding a touch of unconventional charm.

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Caravane Café

Where: 3506, ave. Lacombe

Reason to go: Located near the metro station in Côtes-des-Neiges, this café is a prime spot for students in Montreal. The coffee game here is strong, with a variety of syrups to customize your brew and an array of plant-based milks to suit all preferences. While space might get tight during peak hours, there's ample seating available most of the time, making it ideal for study sessions. Plus, with a closing time of 11 p.m., you can hunker down for those extended study nights.

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