A Montreal Company Threw Shade At OnlyFans & Announced It's Launching An 'Alternative'

OnlyFans revealed it would be banning "sexually explicit content" as of October 1.

Montreal Company To Launch OnlyFans Alternative

Hours after news broke that OnlyFans would be banning "the posting of any content containing sexually explicit conduct," a Montreal company announced it would be launching an "OnlyFans alternative."

Montreal-based Bellesa, a Cardi B-approved sex toy boutique and the most visited porn site for women around the world, confirmed that it's coming out with a new Creators Platform "dedicated to supporting sex workers and video content creators."

In an email shared with MTL Blog, OnlyFans said the changes are being made because of requests from banking partners and payout providers. Nudity, it said, will still be allowed if it's consistent with the Acceptable Use Policy.

But OnlyFans is facing backlash on Twitter where people are accusing the platform of building itself on the backs of sex workers only to kick them to the curb.

"Building a platform on the backs of sex workers and then leaving said sex workers high and dry- it's a tale as old as time," said Michelle Shnaidman, CEO and founder of Bellesa, in a statement. "We at Bellesa are deeply dedicated to both the empowerment of content creators and the destigmatization of sex work."

Bellesa's Creators Platform is set to launch on Bellesa Plus this fall. Content creators will be able to earn money and tips from subscribers, which Bellesa said places "the power in the hands of creators."