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12 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend If You're Getting Major Cabin Fever

Sweet remedies to cure your boredom.
12 Things To Do In Montreal This Weekend If You're Getting Major Cabin Fever

Winter is in full throttle and as we all start slowly getting used to the cold, the list of things to do in Montreal continues to get longer.

This winter may be different than any other we've ever experienced before, especially with the current province-wide curfew. But that doesn't mean we can't do fun and exciting things before 8 p.m. comes around.

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From learning to cook up a storm in your own kitchen to skating outdoors, don't let this weekend pass without treating yourself to a little (safe) fun.

You deserve it! 

Sign Up For A Virtual Meditation Journey

Price: Free, but contributions are accepted

Why You Need To Go: Grove Campus' Raise Y(our) Vibration 4.0 week-long event is from Tuesday, Jan 26 to Monday, Feb 1. Take time this weekend to sign yourself up!


Build A Snowman

Why You Need To Try: The City of Montreal just launched a snowman building contest and you can win money for making the best one!

Read our article here

Try An At-Home Workout

Why You Need To Go: If you're desperately waiting for gyms to reopen, then why not do a virtual workout with a local Montreal trainer? It'll make you forget you're cooped up in your apartment for an hour or so.

Have A Solo Spa Day At Your Apartment

Why You Need To Try: Because we all need a little relaxation in our lives right now.

Spruce Up Your Space

Why You Need To Do This: Sometimes all you need is to add some new accents to your apartment to have it feeling brand new!

Try A New Game With Your Roommates 

Why You Need To Try: The Alegoria game sparks fun and creates genuine conversations. It'll make you forget all about being stuck at home.

Go Cross Country Skiing

Why You Need To Try: Gotta do it while the snow is still here!

Check out where to go

Taste Test Some Unreal Cream Puffs

Where: 3870, rue Wellington, Verdun, QC; Alice & Theo

Why You Need To Try: Watching these decadent cream puffs be ripped apart is a beautiful sight, and eating them is a delicious experience on its own.

Cook Yourself A Delicious Dinner

Why You Need To Try: So, this may involve staying home, but in a room that you probably don't visit often: your kitchen. Lockdown and curfew are the perfect reason to finally start learning how to cook — and Chef Pamika Sukla gave us some tips on making tasty meals at home.

Visit One Of The City's Skating Rinks

Address: Various spots in Montreal

Why You Need To Go: To move your body while getting some much-need fresh air.

Start Your Own Business

Why You Need To Try: If you've had a great idea in your head for a while, what better time than now to finally put it into action?

Go For A Little Nature Walk

Find out where to go

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