When it comes to new year's resolutions, most of us start telling ourselves it's time to get active. If this happens to be on your mind, we made a list of Montreal trainers to follow to help you in your journey!

Embracing your body takes time and patience and finding workouts and trainers that work for you is not as simple as it sounds.

Thanks to social media, we can still connect with trainers in the city virtually and learn from them every day.

So, check these professionals out and see which is the right one to help you succeed in your goals.

Fitness Zu

Why You Need To Follow: Fitness Zu's workout videos will inspire you to get off the couch and start moving your body more often in 2021.


Sandrine Cassis 

Why You Need To Follow: This trainer will not only help you work on toning your body but she's there to empower your mind and soul also. 

Justin Agustin

Why You Need To Follow: This certified personal trainer will keep you on your feet with his tricks and skill. He is not only a master at working out but his TikToks are pretty epic as well. 

Lauren Kaplan

Why You Need To Follow: The founder of realspin.live is one of the most motivating Montreal locals. And, she even has a radio station where you can stream her playlists and you can also have her voice motivating you at the same time. 

Brandon Dawson-Jarvis

Why You Need To Follow: If you're trying to get more into yoga this year, Brandon is your guy. He does "donation based yoga on Saturday mornings at 10" and has various yoga and meditation events coming up in the next little while!


Amanda Zweig 

Why You Need To Follow: Amanda will inspire you to live a healthy and active lifestyle- which is the vibe of  2021. 

Gabi Garbarino

Why You Need To Follow: Her workout plans are designed for women and are sure to kick your butt in the new year. 


Why You Need To Follow: This page will motivate you to push yourself way beyond your limits. 

Stacy Lelinowski

Why You Need To Follow: Not only will her content motivate you to move your body, but it'll also leave you with a smile on your face. 

Vicky Plamenova

Why You Need To Follow: Vicky's Instagram will surely push you to get off the couch and workout. Plus, she offers online classes for anyone missing the gym right now.

Elie Hawawini 

Why You Need To Follow: Motivating and hard-working, this trainer has all the qualities to keep you motivated until 2022. 

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