You Still Have Time To Cross These 14 Things Off Your Montreal Summer Bucket List

Can't summer just last forever?
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You Still Have Time To Cross These 14 Things Off Your Montreal Summer Bucket List

I know nobody wants to say it, so I'll take one for the team: Summer is almost over. I know, I know, I can't believe it either. But if you're thinking that there's still so much you haven't done on your Montreal summer bucket list, then not to worry, there's still time! Plus, you can add these items to your list to make your summer even better.

Now, I know that we're lucky to live in a place that has all four seasons, but I think we can all agree that there's something magical that happens to Montreal in the summer.

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Between sunny days, beautiful greenery and the light hitting the city just right, it's no wonder you get that longing to get out there and explore.

But as every Canadian knows, summer is something that must be cherished every year because before we look around, we'll be in Fall and we'll be starting our countdown for next summer.

Let's not focus on that yet, though.

For now, we need to soak in all of the sun and all of the fun while we still can to send off summer with a sizzle.

Take A Long Hike

One of the best parts about living in Quebec is the amazing hikes. Whether you're looking for uphill or something a little calmer, there's a hike for everyone, giving you the chance to get outside and see all that the province has to offer.

Visit A Winery

Quebec wine is just like the people: passionate, sophisticated and unlike anywhere else in the world.

Visiting a winery will not only give you delicious tasting wine, but will give you a sense of pride in what we have to offer.

Go To A National Park

It's called la belle province for a reason. Soak in all of nature and beauty at any of our national parks. Some of them even make for epic road trips.

Take A Bike Ride

Did you know that Montreal is one of the biking capitals of North America? Before summer's over, check out a Montreal bike path that takes you past some incredible views.

See A Movie At The Drive-In

One of the biggest summer trends is obviously the drive-in. You can see concerts, shows and, of course, the classic drive-in movie.

Head To Jean-Drapeau

Did you even really summer if you didn't make a visit to Parc Jean-Drapeau at least once? The iconic park can be seen from all over the island and makes for a great way to spend a beautiful summer's day.

See Some Flowers

Nothing says summer quite like frolicking through a field of flowers. There are so many fields in and around Montreal for every colour, scent and type.

Visit Montreal's Botanical Garden

Speaking of flowers, spend a day at Montreal's Botanical Garden, with over 75 hectares of themed gardens for you to explore.

Go To A Market

Another great part of summer is visiting farmer's markets. There are some incredible spots here in the city, as well as some fantastic spots off the island for when you're looking for something new.

Go Berry Picking

If you could pick any summer activity to add to your list, it's this. For a berry good time, head to a berry farm to pick the freshest bunches.

Stare At The Stars

The only thing more exciting than seeing celebrity stars is seeing the stars in the sky and luckily for us, Quebec is a shining place for stargazing.

You can go to some beautiful parks to see an amazing night sky or you can head to the Botanical Garden to see the Perseids... since you'll already be there.

Have A Picnic

Another summer trend has definitely been picnics.

And because we live in a city with so many parks, there are lots of great spots to set up camp and lots of great ideas to take your picnic to the next level.

Take A Food Tour

It's no secret that Montreal is not just a great city to see beautiful sites, but a great city to eat incredible food. But you can do both with some fantastic food tours throughout the city that'll even teach us locals a thing or two.

Hit The Open Road

We don't wanna brag, but we live in a pretty spectacular province. So don't just stick to the island, but go on an epic road trip to truly make this a summer to remember.

Soak it all in!

Gabi Sandler
Contributing Writer