2 Habs Fans Made A Snow Cave To Watch Games & Nothing Could Be More Canadian (VIDEO)

It looks pretty cozy, too!
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2 Habs Fans Made A Snow Cave To Watch Games & Nothing Could Be More Canadian (VIDEO)

Sometimes stereotypes about Canadians make us laugh and roll our eyes. Other times, Habs fans like Nik Tremblay, 19, and Justin Alves, 18, make a snow cave to watch their favourite hockey team, and we couldn't be prouder to be Canadian.

The two Pointe-Claire natives and die-hard Montreal Canadiens fans had been thinking about building the cave since Christmas, but decided it was finally time to get to work. Kinda like the Habs, themselves.

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"It took us 3 days to make as we had to dump all the snow in a pile and let it freeze overnight," Alves told MTL Blog. "Then we did the carving of the inside the day after... we put all of Montreal Canadiens memorabilia inside with the lights surrounding it."

"We also wanted a place to watch the games that could be more COVID-friendly, so it worked out perfectly!" Tremblay added. 

Tremblay's 17-year-old sister Rachel decided to show her followers on TikTok just how passionate the boys really are about their team.

As for how the duo feels about the amazing start the Habs have had this season, "The Habs are off to an unforgettable start," Tremblay said.

"It’s also fun to have the North division because we get to see all the rivalries start to form which makes for really competitive and fun to watch hockey."

Alves added, "I think the habs are playing phenomenally so far... It's a great year to be a Habs fan!"

If this doesn't say "Go Habs Go," I don't know what will.

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