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3 Men Were Hospitalized Last Night Following Separate Stabbings In Montreal

Both stabbings are still under investigation, the SPVM said.

Montreal ambulance.

Montreal ambulance.

Two separate stabbings occurred in Montreal last night, sending three men to the hospital.

The first event occurred after 10:30 p.m. Thursday. A call was placed to 911 regarding a stabbing in a LaSalle-borough park near rues Robert and Serre.

Montreal police (SPVM) officers quickly arrived at Ouellette Park and found a 24-year-old victim with a stab wound to his upper body, SPVM spokesperson Véronique Comtois said.

The stab wound was caused by a "sharp object," Comtois said. The victim was transported to the hospital and police say there is no danger to his life.

The SPVM said that an analysis of the scene has already been completed, but the investigation regarding a suspect and motive is still ongoing.

The second event involved an altercation at around 3:30 on Friday morning, which resulted in two men being stabbed.

A call to 911 alerted police about a fight between two groups of people on rue Sainte-Catherine near rue de la Montagne, Comtois said.

When police arrived at the scene, they discovered two victims, ages 23 and 29, with stab wounds. They were immediately transported to the hospital.

According to the police, one of the victims is currently in critical condition while the other is in stable condition. Further information about their identities was not made available.

As of right now, the cause of the altercation remains unclear, Comtois said, but investigators will continue to analyze the scene.

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