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4 Montreal Restaurants Made It Into Canada's Top 10 Best Pizzerias

Our city is making Italy PROUD. 🍕
4 Montreal Restaurants Made It Into Canada's Top 10 Best Pizzerias

It's no secret that Montreal restaurants serve some pretty amazing food, especially when it comes to classics, like pizza.

Turns out, when it comes to the best pizzerias in Canada, Montreal takes four slices of that pizza pie.

According to 50 Top Pizza, "The first guide of the best pizzerias in the world," Montreal's very own Elena, FCO di Fiumicino, Pizzeria Adamo, and Moleskine are among the top ten spots in Canada.

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Mamma Mia! What an honour.

Montreal also had the most restaurants on the list out of any city in the country.

According to the site's standards page, "The inspectors of the guide are invited to consider the pizzeria as a whole, and to judge it on the basis of its capacity to guarantee the well-being of the patron based on his or her ability to make an informed choice."

The site goes onto outline the seven "assessment criteria" for selecting restaurants for the 150 inspectors:

- the pizza,

- the service,

- the space, ambiance and décor,

- the wait,

- the wine,

- the beer,

- and beverages. 

Other regions recognized by the site are Europe, Asia, Oceania, Japan and, of course, Italy

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